My health philosophy

I strongly believe that under normal circumstances our immune systems are more than capable of keeping our bodies healthy and free from disease.

However, prolonged periods of stress, poor nutrition and an overload of toxins can stretch the body’s resources and comprimise its abilities to function efficiently.

This is my simple self-help philosophy:

  • Reduce levels of stress
  • Avoid harmful toxins
  • Remove existing toxins from the body

These are the main causes of acid formation in the body which is an ideal environment for cancers and diseases to flourish and which the immune system needs to neutralise – using up valuable resources in doing so.

You will find information on these issues in this website with tips on how to address them which are generally very straight forward so that everyone can do it, even if you are on medication. If you are concerned, please discuss it with your GP .

Measuring the pH level in the body is an easy way to identify potential problems and can be done so using pH measuring sticks (similar to litmus paper at school) which can be bought at a good chemist.

Also I found it incredibly useful to have a live blood and a clot (dried blood) test – which clearly showed me the poor state of my blood ….and its improvements as I progressed through the diets and treatments. You can find your nearest testing clinic by typing  ‘live blood test’ into Google