• Remove existing toxins parasites and remnants of previous drugs from my body.
  • Reduce my body acid – diseases can’t thrive in an alkaline environment
  • Adopt a life style to improve my general wellbeing and sustain a neutral / alkaline diet
  • Explore as many new medical and alternative potential cures as possible.

My strategy for health

My healthy regime

My initial steps

Next steps


I initially took up Bikram yoga for my daily exercise which caused me sweat a lot, which helped eliminate toxins and also had an emphasis on deep breathing and relaxation. The only drawback was each session took 90 minutes which meant it took up a half a day by the time I got there and back.

A friend then gave me a book ‘the fountain of youth’ which has 5 yoga exercises, each repeated 21 times. After a while I could complete this daily routine in 15 minutes and I continue to feel much stronger month on month.