For many years I thrived on a fast London style life and active social scene.

This all changed in 2010 when I was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and given a few months to live.

So, with my wife, I set out to research therapies, both conventional and alternative, which might increase my odds of survival.

What we discovered was is a very powerful and simple panacea to a healthy life:

‘With sufficient nutrients, reduced levels of stress and lower toxicity, our bodies provide us the best protection against disease‘

I still feel great and want to share the benefit with anyone who might need help or may be interested.

All dietary information is based on my experiences and designed to work alongside any medication you are taking (including chemotherapy and radiation) but you must consult your GP if you have any concerns.

My routines

I initially started taking numerous supplements  to help boost my immune system however, after being on a very healthy diet for a while I ceased taking all supplements as I was able to get all my nutrients from the food (organic) and the sun (vitamin D).

I take at least 2 litres of ionised water per day, a daily shot of wheatgrass, chew each mouthful my food 15 -20 times and do 20 minutes of exercise in the form of yoga

I have acupuncture once a week for advice, immune system boosting and ‘feelgood factor’ and I see a microbiologist once a month to check the state of my blood.

My daily routine

8 am

8 am – 12 pm

1 – 2pm

3 – 6pm

7 – 7.30pm

8 – 11pm

Anytime snacks

Further details of the above food including samples menus and recipes can be found under ‘Food, Menus & Recipes’