For many years I thrived on a fast London style life and active social scene.

This all changed in 2010 when I was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and given a few months to live.

So, with my wife, I set out to research therapies, both conventional and alternative, which might increase my odds of survival.

What we discovered was is a very powerful and simple panacea to a healthy life:

‘With sufficient nutrients, reduced levels of stress and lower toxicity, our bodies provide us the best protection against disease‘

I still feel great and want to share the benefit with anyone who might need help or may be interested.

All dietary information is based on my experiences and designed to work alongside any medication you are taking (including chemotherapy and radiation) but you must consult your GP if you have any concerns.


ruthThis journey has been a difficult one but I have been through it with an excellent companion in my wife Ruth, who has been fantastic and supportive all along the route

I love her very much and couldn’t have done most of this without her.

She is a talented business advisor and skilled ‘change consultant’ and she used all her talents in dealing sensitively with the traumas and dramas that surround this disease. Once I was diagnosed as terminal she gave up her job and together we spent our time researching and experimenting with diets and products.

Ruth is an excellent cook and her extensive knowledge of Asian cooking came in handy, forming the basis for a very healthy and tasty diet. She has just written a book and has kindly contributed some of her recipes to this site.

Born from a family of natural healers, she has subsequently been studying as a nutritionist and she provides information on healthy living options for everyone – with or without illness.

Naturally, my family were devastated by the news and I hope they realise that their love and support was vital to my wellbeing.  How can anyone adequately thank the love that my mum, aunties, sisters and brother, daughter and wife and extended family of nieces, nephews and in-laws have shown me.  Its very special and I hope they feel comforted that they have made a massive and positive difference to my life, especially since the cancer.

I am also very fortunate to have a great many dear friends who have been extremely generous with their time and kindness; often extending friendship way beyond any level of measurable expectations.  Just to have a laugh, a visit, a telephone call or email is really uplifting especially of a lighthearted nature.

I have enjoyed an unfair amount of fantastic memories and events – thanks to you all

Lastly, I need to thank my daughter Jess, who makes me so happy.  Her strength during some of the dark times was enlightening – especially in the early days. I know this period has been grim for her and has taken its toll but she has emerged as an adult with extra-ordinary strengths and talents – I am so proud of her and I could have wished for nothing more of a daughter.

I am humbled and grateful to all my family and friends and ask them to continue to do all they can for each other and especially Ruth and my daughter Jessica.