Dealing With Cancer

Develop a personal strategy and active support team

When I first received the devastating news that I had terminal cancer, it was naturally a shock, especially as I was still enjoying my job, feeling good and well on the road to recovery after my operation to remove a cancerous lung. However, when the reality sunk in that there was nothing else traditional medicine could offer, I felt strangely liberated and determined to try anything which might improve my chances of survival.

I am fortunate in having a wife who is highly resourceful, a loving family and a great group of friends who have supported me in my quest to find ways to survive and improve my wellbeing. I spent months researching and experimenting numerous ‘cures’ many of which had a basis of sound reasoning.

There are issues which you need to consider straight away – like how to inform people and who and the order you should tell them family members, friends, your employer, benefits dept etc.) Then there are personal matters to deal with and decisions to make regarding the future which if you don’t make might later be made by the state and may not represent your wishes.

I found the experience of dealing with them uplifting as I regained a sense of control of the situation. In this section of the site I have used my experiences to put together a simple 3-step strategy based on practical advice.

To stand the best chance, you will need to work at staying positive although it is not always easy and it will help, if possible, to find someone you can confide in, as there will be ‘bad days’ when you will need some encouragement or just a sanity check.