Handling the situation

When first diagnosed with terminal cancer, I found myself in a situation I knew little about and had no control over, which for some can lead to feelings of anxiety and hopelessness. By working at staying positive and raising my self-esteem, I formulated a strategy, and in doing so, regained a certain amount of the control

Seek help

The mountain that lies ahead will be a lot easier to climb if you can share the ordeal with a friend or family member. Remember you will not be at your best and someone to confide in may offer you a balanced perspective.

Condition management

With our immune systems depleted we are more susceptible to catching colds and flu bugs etc. and far more vulnerable to secondary infections – especially if you have had chemotherapy or radiation. You need to take precautions to make a positive effort to stay away from people and places where you might pick up illnesses: e.g. Public transport, family gatherings, group meetings, hospitals, GP surgeries.

Mindset & Attitude
The Million Dollar Question