First steps

In order to start dealing with the situation, Ruth (my wife) and I set about devising a strategy to tackle the many issues that needed sorting out. By categorising them into a simple 3-step plan enabled us to prioritise them and provide a clearly defined path forward.

Doing this was therapeutic as ‘ticking off” the tasks made our progress obvious. Opposite are several topics which I hope will help take you through some of the topics and are based on a 3-step plan:

Step 1

Dealing with urgent matters

We started by writing out a list of the many issues that we needed to consider and created a ‘plan of action’. By facing a few of the more unpleasant aspects head on, prompted open and helpful discussions on how ‘the end’ might be handled by all parties. There were several moments of tears and anger at the beginning but once armed with an agreed plan the situation took a much more practical and almost ‘third party’ aspect and was far less emotional…..even humorous at times !

Once several of the major tasks were complete, there was a tremendous uplifting as we felt we were taking back some control of the situation. Ideally, we should all have our affairs in order, however in practice many of us don’t and this situation gave us the opportunity to do so.

Also, with the internet and a wide media interest, we have few excuses not to keep abreast of the latest medical breakthroughs. I like to research them so I can take up with my oncologist.

Step 2

Moving to a healthy lifestyle

We made a decision to survive and set about moving to a new lifestyle that would aid recovery and improve our prospects of dealing with the disease.

Step 3

Going forward

Once I have addressed the initial issues and hopefully halted the progress of the cancer, I need a new lifestyle that works for us, which is both sustainable and affordable.

Breaking the news
Getting affairs in order