“let food be your medicine and medicine be your food”

When I was first faced with the prospect of having cancer, I determined that my best bet in fighting it was through improving my diet.  So my wife devised a food regime which was easy to adopt, nutricious and made me feel good.

With just a few lifestyle changes, I began by increasing the intensity of my intake of alkaline foods whilst reducing the acidic ones.

Cancer thrives off sugar so it is important to reduce it’s intake …….which includes alcohol

Over the period of a couple of weeks my blood sugar levels balanced, sugar cravings ceased and the new food regime became easier
Having been on these diets for over 9 months I have understandably lost a couple of stones but I still feel great with a strong appetite and a healthy body – without any of the previous reflux / acid in the digestion system.

I feel bright and energised to tackle the cancer.  The small sacrifice of a few food dishes and drinks is totally out of proportion to how good I now feel..

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