Top ten tips

The human body was designed to be active and up until 100 years ago our ancestors were constantly on the move.  However, more and more our lives revolve around static activities, both in the workplace and leisure pastimes.

This has contributed to a pandemic of obesity across the western world and has been said to cause the steady rise of related diseases.

Regular exercise not only helps us keep our weight in check, it also encourages other bodily systems to perform their functions more effectively.  A 30-minute walk per day is ideal as a starter and as you progress, a sports trainer can assist with specific goals you want to achieve through exercise.

I prefer yoga for my daily work out, which I started after the operation (to remove my lung) as it left me extremely weak and I wanted to start back at a very easy pace.  I have continued with it as it is easier than going to a health club.   Maintaining a training routine is important and going regularly to a health club sometimes adds a sense of purpose  whilst also providing an important social inter-reaction.

Since sweating is also a good detoxification, I initially chose Bikram Yoga which also has the benefit of focusing on breathing properly  – which is vital for someone with only one lung!

1. Stay Positive>>>
2. Water>>>
3. Reduce stress>>>
4. Reduce sugar>>>
5. More greeen veg>>>
6. Chew!>>>
7. Avoid processed food>>>
8. Wheatgrass>>>
9. Organic food>>>
10. Himalayan salt>>>
Top ten tips