Welcome to our new-look site.

Over the last three years www.peterjuster.com has attracted visitors from across the globe – thanks for the positive comments and supportive emails.

From the feedback, we gather that some people found the site a little confusing when searching for information.

So the team at web-designers Den Creative kindly took it upon themselves to refresh the site by rebuilding it from scratch and rebranding it with a bright and fresh new look.

To help reach a larger audience they have renamed the site www.everyoneknowssomeone.co.uk (although www.peterjuster.com still works.)

Thanks to Kris Kirkham, who donated his time and expertise to provide some excellent food photography; the recipes now look as scrumptious as they taste!

As we move ahead into 2014, my health remains stable and I am generally feeling great so I am very much looking forward to the challenges that the New Year brings.  Many thanks for all the good wishes.

If you want to contribute any stories or feedback to this site you can contact me at the bottom of the page. We look forward to hearing from you,

Happy New Year from Ruth and myself.