Big pharma embark on witch hunt against natural remedies

Large drug corporations cannot make money out of natural remedies and have constantly lobbied governments and the EU to have them removed from market.

They have taken another step towards achieving their goal this week as The New Scientist reports that following latest EU regulations, hundreds of traditional herbal medicines have been removed from the shelves. Herbal remedies can now only be sold after being assessed for safety. St John’s Wort for example can interfere with the contraception pill, while ginseng can affect blood-thinning drugs.

Another prime example is Turmeric, a natural spice used in many Asian foods. It also has recognised anti-inflammatory amongst it’s properties which also include enhancing the effect of chemo therapy by up to 25%. If it were used in conjunction with chemo it could save the NHS up to £10,000 per person per annum. But instead of incorporating it into their therapies, large drug companies (Big Pharma) will lobby the EU into side-lining it along with other natural remedies.

We are not safe in their care either. The BBC reports this week on another incident of misinformation and confusion caused by the medical profession over test results. Two articles claiming cholesterol-reducing statins may be unsafe are to be investigated and could be retracted by the British Medical Journal. Last time such confusion prevailed from the medical profession was in 1998 over the measles vaccination and it led to an epidemic in some parts of the country with worrying health implications.

Misinformation can be as dangerous as false information.

Since I was diagnosed as being terminal ill by conventional medicine, I have survived…and thrived on natural food but this latest move by Big Pharma could be the final chapter of self-help and self-heal.

It may not affect you directly but it may do in the future and with disappearing skills and shutting down the supply of natural healing may render it unobtainable for future generations.

Isn’t it time for the shareholders of Big Pharma to stand up, be counted and take responsibility as they reap the benefits of these companies’ immoral practices. Your own pension pot is probably investing in them and squeezing them to deliver returns, which they choose to do by eliminating the opposition.

You should enquire of your pension company, investment fund or trust fund as to whether they invest in large drug companies and then make a decision whether you want to be active in encouraging this practice.